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The off-grid cooling powerhouse

The QOOL Box is like a range extender for our off-grid "Fish & Surf" trips along the coasts of Europe. We no longer want to miss the opportunity to preserve the freshly caught fish for the journey home. At the same time, with the QOOL Box we can finally relieve our bus refrigerator, in which we could previously only store a maximum of one day's catch. The cooling capacity of the QOOL Box is so strong that we can even load it with fish after 11 days. This makes it the perfect cooler for the classic 2-week "Fish & Surf" trip.

The QOOL Box (size M) fits easily in our camper full of surf gear, and the fact that it runs without power makes storage very flexible. We would always prefer the QOOL Box over an expensive 12V refrigerator combo.

- David & Petra