QOOL - High-tech for everyday life

The QOOL Box, in combination with our specially developed QOOL Temperature Elements, can keep the temperature inside constant for up to 10 days - without a power supply, in any climate zone, anywhere in the world.

The QOOL® Box achieves its outstanding insulation performance with a technology that is also used in spaceflight: Vacuum insulation panels are installed in all side walls, in the lid and in the bottom. This creates a large “box-shaped thermos bottle”. Really durable: when used properly, QOOL® boxes can last up to 50 years.

Our QOOL Temperature Elements are made of a very sturdy plastic shell filled with so-called Phase Change Material (PCM) and then sealed. The dimensions of the QOOL Temperature Elements are perfectly matched to the QOOL Box. Thanks to specially developed PCM formulations, the QOOL Temperature Elements are suitable for a variety of temperatures. Perfect for different applications and individual needs. All ingredients are safe and suitable for use with food.

For optimal cold and heat storage, the lid and body are firmly closed with the QOOL Air Seal. The corners have special ledges to open the QOOL Box. Attention: Always close the lid firmly and press all around it to keep the temperature constant for as long as possible.

The automatically folding handles can carry a weight of up to 70kg.

How does the cooler work?

Our cooling technology is not comparable with other cool boxes. If you combine the QOOL Box with the QOOL Temperature Elements, the temperature inside can be kept constant for many days - without power supply, in every climate zone, all over the world.

The QOOL box achieves its outstanding thermal insulation performance through vacuum insulation panels, which are installed on all sides of the box, in the lid and also in the base.

The QOOL Temperature Elements contain so-called phase change material and can absorb or release energy at a certain temperature.

 If you combine the QOOL Box with the QOOL Temperature Elements, the temperature can be kept constant inside for many days.

Deep Frozen

-25°C to -15°C

  • For professional use, such as in gastronomy
  • Pre-cooling of the Temperature Elements at -25°C for at least 72 hours

Standard Frozen

-20°C to-10°C

  • For transporting all frozen foods and perfect for ice cream
  • Pre-cooling of the Temperature Elements at -18°C for at least 72 hours

Standard Cool

-2°C to +2°C

  • For particularly sensitive chilled goods, such as fresh fish, meat
  • Pre-cooling of the Temperature Elements at -18°C for at least 12 hours

Controlled Fresh

+2°C to +8°C

  • For drinks and perishable food from the refrigerator
  • Pre-cooling of the Temperature Elements at -18°C for at least 8 hours

Room Temperature

+18°C to +25°C

  • for professional use, such as for transport and storage of high-quality red wines
  • Pre-cooling of the Temperature Elements at +20°C for at least 72 hours

The QOOL® Ice Cube Challenge

In an ultimate ice cube challenge, we put ourselves to the direct comparison and pursued the question: "Which cooler holds the ice cubes the longest?

In stores and online trade there is a huge selection of different coolers. Between the different boxes, in addition to the price differences, there are also big differences in terms of the duration of the cooling capacity. We have taken up the challenge and tested our QOOL boxes together with three major competitors.

Test 1: QOOL Box M QOOL Box L YETI Tundra 50 PELICAN 50QT SOVARO 45QT Test 2: QOOL Box L Coleman 70 QT Xtreme DOMETIC Cool-Ice CI 42

The boxes were set up in a row outside and filled completely with ice cubes. A temperature logger was placed on the lid of one of the boxes to record the outside temperature throughout the test. We opened the boxes once a day to record the current ice cube status. The test was finished once the last ice cube had melted.

Manufacturers use different insulation materials. SOVARO uses cork, PELICAN, YETI, Dometic and Coleman use polyurethane foam and vacuum insulation panels are installed in the QOOL® boxes.

The QOOL® Performance Test

In an outdoor test, we investigated the question: "How long does the QOOL Box keep the temperature below +4 °C?

For many foods, maintaining a certain temperature plays a key role in keeping products from spoiling. For example, it is recommended to store meat at below +4 °C. Therefore, we tested for you in an outdoor test how long the QOOL boxes can maintain this temperature. The boxes were opened again and again to remove food.

Test 1: QOOL Box M QOOL Box L

The QOOL Box M kept the temperature below +4 °C for 7 days and the QOOL Box L for 10 days.