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For our three-week trip to Greece by motorhome, we were provided with a passive cooler by QOOL. We tested it extensively during the trip and are completely thrilled.

Since our trip was very long, we used the QOOL box as an additional cooling system to our refrigerator.

Every day we measured the temperature to make sure our food stayed fresh for as long as possible. The temperature in the box was about 3 degrees for the first 5 days and only increased by another 3 degrees within the next 5 days.It is important to mention here that the QOOL Box was in the middle of the sun by the sea and yet the temperature in the box remained the same cool. Through our refrigerator, we were able to pre-cool the batteries again after 10 days and thus survive the 3 weeks super.

In conclusion, the high-quality QOOL box is a great addition to our refrigerator in the camper, because for such a long trip was not enough. The QOOL box allowed us another 30 liters to keep drinks cold and to store food temporarily. So the unique technology of the QOOL Box is definitely worth the price.

- Dirk Avanti