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The Ironman 2022 in St. George - my 1st World Championship. In summary, it was by far the most brutal and toughest race I have ever experienced.

The Ironman includes a 3.86 kilometer swim, 180.2 kilometer bike and 42.195 kilometer run. The race had challenging conditions with only 15 °C in the water and up to 30 °C on land.

The race took place in no man's land, as there were only mountains and desert and no civilization to be seen far and wide. Accordingly, the aid stations had no access to electricity or running water. Therefore, I am very glad that QOOL was able to provide their passive boxes. While the water at some stations got warm, the water bottles in the QOOL box stayed nice and cool. I liked to pour the cold water directly over my head to even somehow cool off in the Utah desert heat.

Since the QOOL Box keeps drinks cool for up to 10 days, we were able to place it next to the race course in a relaxed manner and already use it for the final training before the race start. Black things warm up faster, but even though the black box stood in the boasting sun for days, the contents stayed cool like QOOL.

I am just super grateful to QOOL!

- Laura Zimmermann

Old Kodak photo camera with leather cover and leather strap
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