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The mountain bike race "Rwandan Epic" in Rwanda, Africa, is one of my favorite stages. The stage lengths were between 120 and 160 kilometers and 90 riders from 18 teams started. Every day, thousands of spectators stood on the side of the course and cheered on the racers from all over the world. The atmosphere during the race gave me goose bumps at some moments. The landscape was breathtaking, but the heat was almost unbearable.

The race course in Rwanda led partly through the jungle, so it was difficult to provide cold drinks. Fortunately, QOOL boxes were provided as a supply station and filled with drinks. Since the high-tech QOOL boxes do not require electricity and keep the desired temperatures constant for up to 10 days, it was the perfect solution.

The race went on for several days and the QOOL boxes stood in the blazing sun at over 30 degrees. Nevertheless, every drink was refreshing even after the 4th day of racing. So the QOOL Box is a reliable companion - even during multi-day outdoor adventures like the Rwandan Epic Event.

- Karl Platt