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QOOL - cooling for up to 7 days without electricity?

Let's try it!

We seem to be stuck in the middle of test fever, and that is a positive thing! Because it's only through extensive testing that we can give you the results, tell you what works, how it works, and where there are potential vulnerabilities.
A few days ago, another bulky box was unloaded by the parcel messenger in front of our front door. It contained the Qool-Box M along with four red cooling batteries called "Standard Cool". The M-Box has a capacity of 27 litres without cooling batteries, while with the batteries it is five litres less. The dimensions are about 52 centimetres in length, a good 37 centimetres in width and 41 centimetres in height. This is about the size of a compressor cooler with a capacity of almost 40 litres, but without the need for electricity.
The red cooling batteries are designed to keep the contents of the box at temperatures between minus and plus two degrees Celsius, provided they have been frozen to at least minus 18 degrees Celsius beforehand. With the four red batteries, we should be able to keep 16 bottles of 0. 5 liters or food for two people refrigerated for seven days. It is precisely these aspects that we will now examine in our own test. To make this possible, we have procured enough half-litre bottles and a radio thermometer that continuously informs us about the inside temperature of the box. In order to capture the reality as accurately as possible, we decided to open the box twice a day during the seven days of testing and take out one bottle each time. After all, the contents cannot be kept untouched in the box for seven days on the road, but are taken out regularly.
The results of this test will then tell us if it makes sense to carry out further tests. Possible next steps could be tests with food or tests in which we replace removed bottles with uncooled bottles to further determine their suitability for use. Now, however, it is time to prepare: the cooling batteries have to be placed in the freezer in order to reach the required temperature. You can look forward to our insights, which we will share with you soon.

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