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The QOOL Box Eco+ was particularly convincing due to its sustainable manufacturing methods and its passive technology, which can keep the temperature constant for up to 10 days without electricity.

The award is presented by the Green Future Club, an organization whose mission is to bring people together to accelerate the sustainable development of materials, products and services. Once a year, the Green ProductAward recognizes products that stand out for their sustainability, innovation and design. The top 100 products were nominated from 1500 submissions. Among these nominated products, the QOOL Box Eco+ was selected as the winner in the "Kitchen" category.

The QOOL Box Eco+ is made from a plastic that has already been recycled. In a special process, the "Closed-Loop" principle, old plastic is shredded, processed and then reused for the production of the body and the lid. The exterior of the box is made of expanded polypropylene, or EPP for short. This means that the box itself is also recyclable, as all EPP products can always be recycled and returned to the material cycle. The box is handcrafted, certified climate neutral according to Green House Gas (GHG) protocol, manufactured exclusively in Würzburg, Germany, and is subject to strict quality control to ensure that each vacuum insulation panel delivers the required insulation performance.