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The cooling miracle: long-term test of the QOOL Box for anglers in Norway


The QOOL Box Eco+ L is more than just a cool box. It is an essential product for anyone looking for a reliable cooling solution that works for days on end - even without electricity. But how well does it really work? To answer this question, the QOOL Box was subjected to a long-term test.

Felix Schwarte and the Norway magazine 

Felix Schwarte, a well-known organizer of fishing and adventure trips and a passionate angler, tried out the QOOL Box on his trips. His experiences and test results were published in Norway magazine. 

A challenge for anglers

Many anglers face the challenge of keeping the fish they catch frozen on longer trips. The QOOL Box promises to solve this challenge. 

QOOL Box in use 

Felix Schwarte describes in a detailed test how he used the QOOL Box on his fishing trips and what makes it so valuable for the fishing community. 

Product features 

The QOOL Box Eco+ L has a number of features that make it special: 

  • Works without electricity 
  • Maintains a constant temperature for up to 10 days 
  • Made from already recycled material 
  • Made in Germany 
  • 10-year quality guarantee 
  • Costs and availability 

The QOOL Box Eco+ L is available at a price of € 560.00 (incl. VAT). It can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. 


The 1/24 issue of Norway magazine is dedicated to the topic of "Freezing fish correctly and transporting it safely". Here you will find further helpful tips and tricks on the subject of fishing and transporting fish.


The QOOL Box Eco+ L has proven to be a reliable solution for cooling and transporting fish in long-term tests. It is a valuable addition to any angler's equipment. 


The Norway magazine and Felix Schwarte's experiences provide comprehensive information on the use and performance of the QOOL Box in practical tests.